Mantra Body Products - 100% All-Natural Handcrafted Skin Care

Our Story

Origins: Our products have a heritage rooted in ancient Western Africa, where my predecessors would gather herbs, botanicals, extracts and essential oils and hand blend them into a rich cream or emulsion. The process for creating a single batch would take 109 to 110 days, and would include 81 ceremonies of peace, prosperity, longevity, protection, and general well-being. These Ghedee (ji-dee) Priests of old would offer these emollients as gifts to those who visited their Temple. It was a form of blessing that each recipient could apply to their body along with their own good intentions for general well-being. The recipe and ritual have been passed down from one generation to the next. Over 900 years later, I continue this rich tradition in the form of Mantra Body Products.

Resurrection: In the late 90’s, as I began to reconnect with my heritage, I resurrected the ancient tradition of making the cream and emulsion. I revised the formula to include herbs and extracts native to 5 continents. Though I've updated the formula, the process remains the same and captures the original essence. Like those before me, I meticulously hand-blend the cream and emulsion in small batches once a year, in a process taking more than 3 months. I revived this practice and brought it into the modern age. I began doing this for my own personal use and that of my family and friends. Making it part of your daily ritual can bring about significant improvement in your skin’s health and appearance, producing vibrant youthful skin.

Reinvention: In 2005, I decided to make the emulsion and cream not just for personal use, but for the general public. From the very beginning, my commitment was to create simple, 100% natural skin care from food grade ingredients that promote clean, healthy, youthful skin. Thus, Mantra was born. “Mantra”, because the repeated use of the product brings excellent results. Making it part of your daily ritual can bring about significant improvement in your skin’s well-being and appearance.

Our Mantra: The journey of Mantra began almost 1000 years ago, but for me it’s only just begun. The future of Mantra Body Products looks bright, as we continue to grow and expand.

"To provide a simple line of 100% Natural Body Care Products free of artificial chemicals, additives or fillers, geared towards the sensitive and ecologically conscious individual." 

That's our Mantra, what's yours?